POWERbreathe user trial – Jen Howse: It has arrived

Jen-Howse-RowingWell, my POWERbreathe has now arrived and I look forward to using it.

I’m going to be blogging in the lead up to the CRASH-B sprints in Boston in February 2012. So a bit of background on me.

I’m a rower who competes both on the water and indoors on the Concept 2 rowing machine, otherwise known as the erg (or by various other terms not suitable for publication!). I also do some running as cross training and dabble in cycling just for good measure.

So what is the CRASH-BS? Every year in February rowers descend on Boston to compete over 2000m – the length of an Olympic regatta. There are categories covering all ages – I believe the oldest was 93. The top heavyweight men cover the distance in just under 6 minutes and the top heavy weight women in just less than 7 minutes. And it’s a very painful 7 minutes!

I went for the first time in 2010 and managed to come 4th in the 30-39 heavyweight category in 7:22.2, around 16 seconds behind the winner of the category. As an asthmatic I found that the atmosphere in the arena was very difficult and I’m hoping that training with POWERbreathe will help with that. I’m aiming to change category this year and switch to the 30-39 lightweight category. I’ve done a 2k test to get a starting mark in build up. The next step in training is to begin to use the POWERbreathe. The next test is the British Online Rowing Championship at the end of November.

I’ll be reporting back on how I find the POWERbreathe and how training is going.


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