POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines: Interesting few weeks

I’ve had an interesting few weeks actually.  I’ve reduced the amount of cardio training I’ve been doing and mainly focused on strength work. This includes weight lifting rather than weight training as such, so; squats, deadlift, cleans etc.  Mixing it up to reduce the boredom factor!  Some time ago I sat one of the UKSCA weight lifting courses and since then I’ve tried to practice what they taught me (often unsuccessfully I’m sure!).   Anyway, usually when I do work that puts a compressive force through my spine, my thoracic spine doesn’t like it.  In previous blogs I’ve mentioned about rib issues I have and I also have an old crush fracture of my T4 vertebra.  These issues are usually enough to cause pain when I do this type of training.

Interestingly though I still get some discomfort, I must say that I haven’t had as much as normal.  I can’t say that it’s down to the powerbreathe, but it’s the only thing that I have done differently, so maybe it is?  Maybe my ribs are moving better, maybe my intercostals are ‘stronger’, maybe its psychosomatic.  Its interesting though. I plan to keep this sort of training going for a while and over the next month or so I’ll increase my cardio work to, let’s see what happens then.



Keep moving freely


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