Mark Racher – Week 2 and up a level on POWERbreathe

Well this week I had set my POWERbreathe at level 3 and I noticed the extra resistance right away ouch!!!! But I know that is working already

I have stuck to the 2×20 as I’m finding by the end I can’t do anymore at that level 3. I also have been doing one set before any workout I do at level 2 of 20 breaths as I’m finding this helps me in the sessions especially on the bike when I’m doing my base endurance sessions on the turbo.

I am really noticing the effect already out on the road when I’m running and on the bike when I’m attacking the hills were I used to get shortness of breath this any happening no more so things are looking up already .

I’m hoping to start using the POWERbreathe in the session as well next week at level 2 Were I will be showing you how You can integrate the POWERbreathe in your session so watch this space


Mark Racher

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