POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 14: I left the inhaler on purpose

Melanie Ryding I forgot the inhaler on purposeMelanie Ryding I forgot the inhaler on purposeThis week, I am beginning to realise that I in fact do NOT need that inhaler at all. Up till now i have always taken it (just in case) but this week, I went to the track WITHOUT it on purpose. Coach is not holding back on me at all, and I am learning to permanently hurt!!

This weeks track was fartlek (speed play) on the roads instead of the track. race pace, with even faster bursts. sheesh!! Summary: yes, it was hard hard, hard, and I told coach where in the car the inhaler was in case I needed it (he is now more worried than me!) but there was nothing to be worried about!.

The rest of the training? Big weights are starting to kick back in again, and to be honest it doesnt seem much like winter training to me, it seems as hard as it ever was!! The first cross country of the winter was last week too – a lovely cheeky little race with 4 river crossings! A steep banked brook that was just a teeny bit too wide was hillarious fun as far as i was concerned, but every time I came to the jump I encountered and had to shimmy round people queuing and stepping carefully! Move over, this is a race dont you know!!

My new mini mission is to mentally as well as physically forget that i ever had asthma. I WILL make it a thing of the past, with the continued help from POWERbreathe.


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  1. I know a lot of people who have asthma and I too believe that they could be free of the inhaler if they were willing to give it a try and work towards becoming independent of their inhaler. You are a true inspiration to asthma patients and I would suggest that now that you know the positive effect that it has, that you should go out into the community and let more people know. Inhalers, treatment and medicine costs people a lot of money year after year and it costs the healthcare department a lot too. Everyone would be better off. Here in the Netherlands where I currently, the Dutch claim that the most important thing for asthma patients, is to keep fit to minimise the negative effects, but I believe that POWERbreathe and your methods could change their lives forever. I wish you continued success and many many more years of life and sports enjoyment without asthma and any other health problems. Best of luck with your season!

    Greetings from Josephine
    (Track sprinter & POWERbreathe blogger)

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