Powerbreathe Training Videos: Lewin Hynes – POWERbreathe Catch Drills using Dumbells

Lewin Hynes - Powerbreathe Catch Drills
Hi, here is a quick video to demonstrate using the Powerbreathe for rowing specific training. This video demonstrates catch drills.

The catch is the position at the front end of the rowing stroke, with your body curled into a ball. It is difficult and strenuous to take a full breath in this position for most people, so we are going to train to overcome that weakness by adopting the catch position, using dumb bells and performing Powerbreathe inhalations.

We perform five inhalations in the catch position before take a full rowing stroke (exhaling on the drive, power-inhaling on the recovery) or performing a dumb bell deadlift. Perform that cycle five times at your full Powerbreathe resistance setting or as close as you can get to give you a classic 30 inhalation set.

Thanks to Lewin Hynes for submitting this one. If you found this video helpful then please leave a comment below and tell us how you use your POWERbreathe when doing indoor rowing training.

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