POWERbreathe User Trial: Phil Bradbury – The only way is up!

The POWERbreathe unit arrived just as I was about to leave for the station for a four day trip to Paris, so I stuck the box into my bag and left. Which meant I did not have the opportunity to view the DVD before I started using the unit.

I already knew a little about diaphragm breathing but the instruction booklet contains no pointers to how important this is in the breathing training regime. In fact it says when describing how to inhale through the unit, “Take in as much air as you can, straightening your back and expanding your chest”.  It mentions the diaphragm only once on the inside cover simply saying, the muscles used to inhale are primarily the diaphragm and rib cage. I mention this because anyone who cannot or does not view the DVD will almost inevitably use an incorrect breathing practice.

The DVD however explains it very well, so it is vital that new users watch it. So for the first few days I was not using the correct breathing practice, after I had viewed the DVD I started training again with a zero setting on the POWERbreathe unit.

As some of my sessions didn’t start particularly well in terms of the correct breathing techniques I now do what could be called a ‘warm up’. I do 15 correct breaths without the Powerbreathe, this reminds me how I should breathe and perhaps in some small way does prepare the muscles for some harder work when using the Powerbreathe. I find this gives me a much better start to the 30 training breaths.
I intend to use the Powerbreathe for ‘fitness and sports performance’, so I will gradually keep increasing the setting until I do find failure, but I am not rushing up the scale because I want to achieve good breathing practice, rather than just a high setting.

So after one week of consistent morning and evening training…..
1) I have moved the setting gradually up to TWO.
2) I feel like I am completing the training session with a better breathing practice.
3) I do have a feeling around the diaphragm area that suggests I have been training something, but as I do lots of other training this may or may not be due to using the Powerbreathe.

Phil Bradbury

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