POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 12: Level 7 here I come

This week sees the return to full training after my two week end of season break. 5.30am is very dark you know, specially now half the street lights are strategically turned off!!

Up to level 7 now on the powerbreathe. The other day when I started my 30 breaths I thought it was blocked or something, as it’s getting very tough now!! (it wasn’t blocked, it was just me being a wuss!) it was also my first track session since my head injury. I felt very scared and expected it to be rather tough! It lived up to expectations – my legs the next day were screaming with DOMS! (delayed onset muscle soreness).

I – as always, take the inhaler. Although I am still getting head injury side effects, I still (and for some time now) don’t ever need the inhaler.

It is tough changing speed, the brain is a bit behind when it comes to changing oxygen demand, and I often feel dizzy when I stop after running, or very fatigued when I start off.

Luckily though, the 30 breaths don’t cause me a problem.

I remember when I started this POWERbreathe trial, only being able to manage level 2-3 so  I continue to be impressed. Give it a go – it ain’t easy, but my lack of needing inhaler means it must be doing something for my asthma, right?


Melanie Ryding


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