Madeline Simon (MS) – The sun needs to shine more often

It’s weird how your moods and energy levels change with what the weather’s doing. I definitely need sunshine; hence the reason why Vitamin D tablets, taken on a daily basis, is one of my proactive tablets.

My POWERbreathe K3 data:



Date Level Load cmH2O   Power Watts   Volume Litres T-index %    S-Index cmH2O Flow L/s Volume Litres
09/09/11 Moderate 34 4.7 2.1 89 High 72 Average 4.2 1.8
07/10/11 Moderate 42 4.8 2.0 89 High 75 Average 4.5 1.8


You can see I had some improvement, which is good but I think I could push myself a bit harder.

One thing that is very noticeable is my ability to do my 0.5-mile swim each week. The breathing and hence, energy and power is really building and I’m not totally exhausted afterwards.

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