Andrea Cunningham Week 19 – Where Does The Time Go

Hi everyone I’m back with my 19th journal man time is flying!  Not sure what I’ve got to tell you all this week, I’ve pretty much done exactly the same as last week except I managed to throw in 2 different birthday parties as well somehow.  Exercise wise I did exactly the same except on Saturday I ran a further 14.5miles in the miserable rain and wind and it has to be said it was horrible. I had planned on trying 18 miles but just couldn’t do it in the weather!  I took a pretty hilly route again so I made sure I only stopped at the top of the hills and some of them were torture and my legs were pretty dead after the last two weeks. Also my chest felt a bit sore as if I’d probably been breathing a bit too heavily during my mountain of exercise, so Sunday was a movie and housework day!!

Think I am on track again with training for the Dublin marathon though I probably should do some longer runs if I could find the time…this week I think I am going to do the same training as the last week and then the following week I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks so the trainers are coming with me and I guess I’ll have a whole heap of time then to run and catch up on some much needed sleep!!  Well that’s all I’ve got to tell you this week unfortunately, talk to you all again next week!!  In case there are any kind souls out there I’m running the Dublin marathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care and any spare pennies would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Hi Andrea – just a quick note to let you know that as you’ve probably been doing your POWERbreathe training for 4-6 weeks now, your breathing muscle strength and stamina will have improved substantially, so you could reduce your training to twice every other day (instead of every day). But don’t forget to use it to warm-up your inspiratory muscles prior to training and competing, and afterwards again to help speed lactate clearance.

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