POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 8: Learning To Hurt Again

With the good progress following last week’s race, coach and I decided that it was perhaps safe to increase the intensity of the training somewhat. I have also been giving the World championships some serious thought, and have come up with a set of weekly goals to help me decide. I only have a few weeks left…
The head injury is a funny thing. The thing I am struggling with at the moment is the heart rate. When I start a session it’s a massive effort and the heart rate is through the roof. As the session progresses, when I normally should be getting tired, I seem to gain a second wind and finish better than I started! When I asked an expert about this, apparently this is normal, because my brain is still injured therefore it is slow at recognising changing oxygen levels and requirements. It’s very frustrating though, being a sprinter!
The Powerbreathe exercises are going well, and this week I progressed to level 6. I also tried a tough hills session with my coach, the first on a while. I took the inhaler, expecting to need it, as the heart rate is laying tricks on me at the moment. No need at all.
Great news I thought. Small steps… still progressing. 🙂
Melanie Ryding


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