Madeline Simon (MS) – Rhyme And Reason

There is no rhyme or reason why fatigue & tiredness suddenly hits but it does! I did manage to do my Pilates on Monday and swimming, but I only did my POWERbreathe every other day…and my 15 minutes of Pilates based workout which I normally do before I go to bed didn’t get a look in. Neither did my twice-daily walks – AND IT SHOWED! I’m now back to introducing the exercise elements that were dropped, which I know are so important and somehow I need to find a way to not get into this situation again; difficult but not impossible.

I want to share with you my big objective. It’s been nearly 4 yrs, come September, when I had my last relapse and had to go into hospital for a course of IV steroids – not my favourite place to be. This has been my longest gap to date, however, I want to at least improve this by 50% if not double it. I feel I have the tools available to me in order to achieve this; my POWERbreathe, Pilates class, a good swimming pool, an excellent neuro physio and a loving & caring environment. So no excuse, it’s up to me to achieve it. Watch this space…

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