Andrea Cunningham Week 18 – Full on week

Hello I’m back with my 18th journal!  Well this week has been pretty full on and I’m starting to feel like I’m turning into a machine and giving up my life lol! Monday I went to body attack except this time I tackled a 6mile run afterwards but my legs did feel like jelly about half way through!  Tuesday I went for a 6 mile run then an hour of body balance and then an hour of body combat. Wednesday I did the same as Monday, and Thursday I did the same as Tuesday, except I did an hour of zumba after combat….to say I was dead on my feet by the time I got home was an understatement!


Friday has definitely turned into my day for doing nothing lol I was pretty wrecked after that week so I took it easy.  Saturday then I tackled 13 miles ½ coastal path, ½ road and I took a route which was quite hilly so I did have to stop now and again to walk to catch my breath, but I made sure I made it up the hills beforehand!


I feel slightly better about my training this week…not quite sure I could have packed anything else into it so I hope it starts to pay off with the long distances.  This week coming I’m planning on basically doing the same but a longer run on the Saturday to see how I get on.  I also started using my PowerBreathe to warm up and cool down which seems to help…when I remember to do it that is…I’ve got so set in my ways doing it in the morning and evening I keep forgetting about it but hopefully it’ll just come naturally soon!  Well that’s all for now folks talk to you next week

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