POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 4: POWERbreathe calming

As I mentioned in my previous blog, this weekend I competed in the Love Life Love Running 10k at Cannock Chase.

Leading up to the event I gradually decreased my running and POWERbreathe training to allow my body to rest and conserve energy.

My last training session was a steady paced 30 minute run on Wednesday afternoon giving my muscles 3 days to rest before the race.

It is recommended that you refrain from POWERbreathe training a few days before a competitive event to allow your respiratory muscles to rest too.

Race day started very early with a bowl of porridge with flax seed and honey, a protein shake, green tea and a pint of water. A good breakfast helps you start the day by providing all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body requires function at its best, this is especially important on race day to put fuel in your tank ready for the run.

Before we warmed up my friend & I had a walk around the site to soak up the atmosphere and check out the McCain track & field tent, where we were lucky enough to bump into Sally Gunnell, Olympic 400m Gold medallist!!!

Sally was really friendly & approachable and gave us some inspiration for the race ahead.

I fully warmed up before every event, my usual warm up includes dynamic stretching, gentle jogging and movements to elevate my heart rate, get my blood flowing and ensure my body is fully prepared for the challenge ahead, but this was the first time I had incorporated POWERbreathe.

To warm up my respiratory muscles, I turned my POWERbreathe sport down to level 0 completed 30 breaths, rested for 2 minutes then performed a further 30 breaths.

With my breathing muscles warm I headed towards the start line, from the moment Sally Gunnell blew the hooter I was on my game.

The route was one of the hardest I have completed, very hilly, you were either up or down with very few flat sections. Having managed to get myself up with the lead pack I was feeling great. I managed to keep it going finishing very strong in 20th position out of 200+ competitors in a new personal best time of 44:15.

There is no doubt in my mind that POWERbreathe training and especially the pre race warm up made a big contribution to my performance. I am really happy with the results so far and am looking forward to continuing my training.

Rob Lunn

Personal Trainer

Diverse Health and Fitness


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  1. A fantastic acheivement Rob – a new Personal Best! Congratulations.

    And thanks for sharing your breathing training tip about warming up your inspiratory muscles prior to the race. Not may people are aware of the benefits of an inspiratory warm-up, so a great tip to share with fellow runners.

    For all you fellow runners, visit the warm-up section on the POWERbreathe website: https://www.powerbreathe.com/training/warm-up.html

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