POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines Week 4, 5 and 6: Static training

“Not much to report this week.  So far I’ve found some interesting changes each week and from what I understand this is not typical; changes seem to take longer for most people. Not sure why I’m different, maybe because I was asthmatic?  Not sure.  My training has been quite static this last 2 weeks, with only 2  CV sessions per week, but August is a quiet month for me usually, so I’m expecting to get much more training in over the next month.  Let’s see what difference that makes.”

Still injured and although its improving quite well, it’s still not good enough to use the POWERbreathe as I’m getting pain on deep breathing.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it next week.  On the bright side I’ve had more time to work, now I’m not training!!!

“I’ve started to use the powerbreathe again and NO PAIN.  Very happy, and looking forward to getting back into it again”.

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One thought on “POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines Week 4, 5 and 6: Static training”

  1. Hello there Martin,

    Good to see you’re feeling some improvements in your breathing and performance. I have been reading your blog with great anticipation and willing you to further improve. I may be able to shed a little light on your training so far, usually improvements in generally fit people do take about 4 weeks. However, if you had had breathing difficulties for most of your life a small improvement will feel fantastic, but you’re not quite done yet. After about three weeks most people do feel better and their performance is improving, your muscles are becoming stronger and your ability to tolerate higher breathing rates during exercise is getting easier.

    Most people do find a little slow down of resistance improvement at around 4-6 weeks, as with most training programs you get bigger gains at the start and smaller improvements come with all the continuing hard work, so you must keep going. I would suggest that if you have become a little stuck on a given level, try to increase the number of reps, so 3 x 30 per day. Use POWERbreathe to warm up with as well, if you’re about to start you CV workout try 50 breaths on half of what you usually train at. This really helps and is one of my personal favourite POWERbreathe uses. This should help the muscle fatigue and help you adapt a bit more and hopefully push you on to the next level.

    All the best and keep going,

    POWERbreathe Guru

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