Madeline Simon (MS) – Swimming performance definately improved thanks to POWERbreathe

Another good week of exercising, it really does help. On the swimming front I did my 32 lengths that I thought was my 0.5mile. However, with something niggling at the back of my mind, I checked out how long the pool is, unfortunately, it is 20m not a standard 25m, so I’ll need to get my distance up to 40 lengths to hit the 0.5mile.

I have another couple of weeks ahead of me with minimal booked. I know this sounds rather boring but it is essential to keep on an even keel. If I overdo things I have to reap the consequences. I do learn to appreciate things and people better and have fun and humour when I go out for only a maximum of an hour doing boring shopping. I may need to get a blue parking badge soon, but I feel the longer I can do without the better, mind you some days the walk back to the car is rather arduous.

I think I’ll stick with 32 lengths of swimming, and my POWERbreathe, until I feel happy with that…mind you, I did notice that no siesta was needed in the afternoon this time after swimming, so an improvement.

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