Breathing exercises for your sports training

Breathing is a process which is critical to humans to stay alive as it is a process that helps us function properly. A process that does not require thinking it is just automatic and part of everyday life.  Breathing allows us to bring oxygen into our bodies then use the oxygen as energy. Although a simple process, there are many ways breathing can be inefficient for our bodies.

By adopting some simple breathing exercises we can improve the quality of our breathing and make it work more efficiently for us. Breathing is critical and without breath we will not survive. However, adopting some breathing exercise can help us maintain and regulate our breathing.

Breathing exercises have a dual purpose. By breathing properly it allows the body to get more oxygen with less effort, making every physical and mental activity more efficient throughout the day. Breathing exercises also help the body, mind and soul relax when under stress or when clarity is needed. Stress can be literally blown away with the breath and your breath is the safest of all places to focus your consciousness.

Breathing exercises can be done just about anywhere at any time. However, it is always best to choose a quiet place where you can sit or stand comfortably with your spine straight. Make sure you keep your eyes and chin on level with the horizon. It is important that you are in relaxed and loose clothing.

Learning Breathing

Learning breathing is important and the steps below explain some techniques for breathing exercises.

  1. When you are breathing it is imperative that you pay attention to your breath. Don’t try and alter the breathing pattern, just observe it.  If you do find yourself becoming distracted, gently focus back to what you are doing.  Every day, try and increase the length of time that you can do this and you will be on your way to great progress.
  2. Sit on a chair with your head bent down toward your knees. Inhale through your nose the deepest breath you can, making sure your belly presses into your legs and your body rises up. Your rib cage should get very wide. Exhale through your nose. Repeat this twenty times. Once complete sit up slowly, as you may be slightly dizzy from the breathing.
  3. Squeeze more air out on exhalation by using the muscles in between your ribs (the intercostal muscles). Exhale, and then squeeze more air out. Do this whenever you think about it. This will eventually lengthen the exhalation so that it matches inhalation and will encourage the body to draw in more and more air.
  4. Focused exhalation will encourage your body to bring more breath in. Breathing is like a cycle. You exhale to begin breathing which is the top of the circle. Inhaling finishes the breath and is the bottom half of the circle.  Make sure to squeeze your rib muscles and push all the air out of your lungs. Then breathe in to “reset” and begin the breath cycle again.

Stimulating Breath

Stimulating breathing exercises should be done in the morning to wake you up. If you feel tired as the day progresses, take a few minutes and stimulate your breath to increase your physical and mental energy. A great way of doing this is by practising some Yoga techniques. Put your tongue in the yogic position, on the ridge of hard tissue behind palate of your teeth. Yoga says that the energy systems of the body, positive and negative, connect at those two positions – the tongue and roof ridge. The technique is to breathe rapidly in and out through the nose with the mouth lightly closed. This should be as fast as possible and both your inhale and exhale should be noisy. Progress starting at 15 seconds and increasing by 5 seconds per day until you reach 1 minute.

Quickly Calming Breath

This is the breathing exercise that you should adopt if you are upset and want to calm yourself down quickly.  Observe the way you are breathing but don’t try and change it.  Focus on how you can make your breath deeper, quieter and slower, more importantly regulate your breathing pattern.  Focus on inhaling and exhaling and keep going until you notice a change in your breathing pattern and you feel at ease with yourself.

Breathing exercises are extremely important in everyday life as it helps calm you down and reduce stress and tension. In our everyday life we face many situations that put us under pressure. Anyone who participates in stamina related sports will know how important breathing exercises are for sports training. An athlete will suffer shortness of breath during training but by following these breathing exercises they will be able to control their breathing.

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