Andrea Cunningham Week 16 – 100 day countdown!

Hola amigos I’m back with my 16th journal!  This week I’ve been on the go just over 100 days now until the Dublin marathon so I’m in urgent need of reaching uber fit asap!!!  Monday I went to a new class in my gym called Body Attack man it was hard I swear my heart was pounding through my chest and I couldn’t breath though that also could be from laughing so much as well!  I really enjoyed this class but boy was I knackered afterwards – I think this class will defiantly help with my breathing and training it was just non stop!

Still using my PowerBreathe every morning and evening and I’m now at level 4 on the resistance so that’s a huge improvement from the beginning!!

Tuesday then I went for a 6 mile run, followed by an hour of combat and an hour of balance!  I think balance is defiantly helping my knee – there is still the odd niggle but nowhere near as bad as it was thank goodness! Wednesday I went for another 6 mile run and Thursday I did the same as Tuesday!  Friday was my day of rest and a very very large glass of vino which I think I deserved though I maybe should have had a small one as on Saturday I tackled 15.5miles!!  Not so sure I should have stopped the long distance running after the marathon as it defiantly is as much mental as physical…it was so warm and I just didn’t have the motivation to push myself so I walked some of it!  Having said that now I’m annoyed at myself so I will try harder this Saturday coming.

About to change my diet again….as I went off pasta totally after the marathon (because of a total overdose on the stuff) but as it turns out I’m not consuming enough carbs now so I’m going to have to face it again so hopefully that will help with my training and stamina!  Well until next week folks…so much for never giving up my life for another marathon I must be mad!!

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