Madeline Simon (MS) – Decorator’s are in the house

Amazingly I found a decorator and on Monday he came to check the job out, initially saying he was booked out until the autumn. However, after a bit of chatting he said he would try and fit me in and to my surprise he rang Wednesday evening to say he could fit me in on Friday and Monday. So far it is looking fantastic, so by mid week I should get all my boxes organised and the furniture back in.

I’m in a bit of an organising and tidying mood and got the carpet cleaners in and they did a brilliant job. Previously I would have done it myself but over these last 2 years my energy levels have not been up to it. Despite the POWERbreathe!

The only things I have got firmly booked in the diary for this week are my usual POWERbreathe, Pilates and physio sessions, but no doubt I will add to it – swimming, sorting out the room, seeing to financial matters, writing letters, and my twice daily walks etc.

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