POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 2: Getting the hang of POWERbreathe

Week 2 of my POWERbreathe trial, I am really starting to get the hang of the breathing technique now!

Last week I was struggling to get my breathing right, I am so use to breathing in through my nose I found it difficult to adjust but now I feel I have mastered the deep breathing technique necessary to get the most out of POWERbreathe training, no more nose clip for me!

After breaking my 30 breaths into sets of 10 last week, this week I have managed to progress 1st to 2 sets of 15, then 20, 10 then 25, 5 finally achieving 30 constant breaths in my last couple of sessions.

I am definitely getting more comfortable with the breathing on level 0; I will be looking to increase the resistance during the next week to keep progressing.

Today I have signed up the Love Running Cannock Chase 10k which is part of a running festival that takes place in Staffordshire at the end of July, as I mentioned in my previous blog I am an avid runner just prior to the trial I took part in the Liverpool Tunnel 10k finishing in a time of 44 minutes 31 seconds my current best time for this distance, so it will be interesting to see if the POWERbreathe training has any impact on my performance.

Over the past week I have completed 2 short outdoor runs; a 5k and an interval session, during both sessions my breathing felt notably less laboured, placebo effect or POWERbreathe training starting to take effect already? I am hoping for the latter!

Looks like the breathing techniques are working using POWERbreathe

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