POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines Week 2: Wow, progress already

It’s been over 2 weeks now that I have been using the powerbreathe, and I’m starting to see some progress!  I was very asthmatic as a kid and so I generally find anything to do with my lungs responds quite slowly, which maybe explains that.  I have started to notice a difference when I’m doing my CV work on my bike.  I only have time to get out x 2 per week and I’m usually doing 15 miles in about 50 mins, so I’m no pro, but I have consistently reduced my time by 3-4 mins over the last 2 weeks, and the only thing that has changed is using the powerbreathe.

I must admit that my breathing has felt better and when I’m out doing any CV work it’s the breathing that usually stops me, not usually muscle fatigue.

Its early days and I don’t think I’ll be selected for the Olympics just yet, but I’m starting to see noticeable differences, which is all I’m interested in……more next week.

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