Madeline Simon (MS) Week 13 – Phew only a scare

Since my scare, I am definitely pacing myself better. My exercise regime has been more of the same but I didn’t get to go swimming. I thought that would be a step too far but it is definitely on the agenda for this week coming.

I have been going through all those boxes in the spare room and even though I haven’t been so ruthless, I have cut the box count by 15% – not bad really. I now need to find a decorator to give the room a fresh look and put the gorgeous wallpaper that I bought on a screen that I made out of MDF, to hide the boxes behind.

I’m usually very practical myself and would have done the decoration myself in previous years. But, the MS I have has damaged my cerebellum (the control box in your brain), hence, I get cerebella tremor. This makes my coordination not good and sometimes my hands just erratically jerk. So it’s best to avoid those jobs that need a steady hand. Cooking and handling a knife is also best to be avoided. My food is cut up for me and if I go to restaurants I tend to choose easy to manage food and always eat with a spoon.

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