Andrea Cunningham Week 14 – Back to the training regime

Hi everyone I’m back with my 14th journal!  Well I’m back into it….at last!!  Monday I took it easy after a rather busy weekend socializing but Tuesday then I went for 6 mile run, followed by an hour of body balance and then followed by an hour of combat…to say I was pretty shattered afterwards would be a understatement!  And as these are the new releases for the classes everything hurts that little bit more the first few times you go.

Wednesday then I went for another 6 mile run but my legs did feel like lead so it wasn’t the best but heh I still got out there.  And Thursday I did the same as Tuesday so Friday then I took it easy and had a very large glass of vino!  Saturday I was planning on a 13 mile run but the weather was just so unpredictable it put me right off, one minute its ok and the next second its torrential rain, yuk anyway so I only managed 6ish miles and then I took a very quick short cut home before the heavens opened!

Still haven’t clocked enough mileage but we have holidays here in Northern Ireland this week so I’ll be off work mid week and I’m defiantly going to get my trainers on and do a long run on Tuesday hopefully so I guess I’m just going to have to put up with getting soaked as I can’t put it off any longer!!!  And getting back to balance has defiantly helped my legs and my knee appears to be holding up so it’s obviously on the mend which is great!  Well talk to you all again next week when hopefully I’ll have been on more adventures outdoors

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