Madeline Simon (MS) Week 12 – Turning the corner

I have a bit of a confession to make… Last week in Cambridge my stability just went. I had minimal muscle tone in my hips and legs and my balance was all over the place. I didn’t want to say anything last week because I didn’t want to spoil the great weekend we had, plus, I do like to look on the positive side of things and this would only spoil it.  I was also a tad ashamed with myself because I do pride myself on my exercises and fitness. However, over the last month I have been overdoing things – for me – and I know I have had to cut down on my exercise so I could do everything throughout the day. The biggest scare was how quickly I lost muscle tone.

The good news is I have turned the corner and am rebuilding again. My physio knows me too well and knows I go at things full blast and in the process exhaust myself. So I have been walking about 250m down a slight incline and back up again twice a day, concentrating on firing up my muscles in doing so i.e. squeezing buttocks and pulling up pelvic floor. Doing this makes my posture look great! I have also been doing my floor exercises for about 10mins every night and my Pilates every week.

So more of the same this week and I may go for a swim as well.

The big lesson that I have taken from this, is never let one’s exercises take 2nd place. They are so fundamental and crucial to one’s mobility and functioning.

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