Andrea Cunningham Week 13 – Socialising spree

Hi everyone I’m back with my 13th journal entry!!  This week has been slightly more hectic with socialising instead of training!!  Was away at a wedding on Monday and Tuesday and it was my birthday on Friday so with various things planned that ruled out any exercise Friday, Saturday and Sunday though I was feeling rather delicate anyway!

On Wednesday and Thursday I did manage to go for small runs just 5 miles and 6 miles though I have to say these were quite torturous and I didn’t enjoy them at all as I was more in the mood that I had to do them to clock some mileage but I’ve always been in the mind frame that the proper training would start after my birthday again as I wanted to enjoy myself so I guess now I’ve no more excuses I’ve 120days to get back into shape for marathon number 2!!

I’m still using my PowerBreathe everyday twice a day and it is definitely helping during my everyday activities but I think probably as I haven’t been putting a lot of effort into my running lately and the air quality has been so shocking I haven’t really seen much improvement here the last couple of weeks!   I’ll know better next week when I’ve been out running a few times and longer distances again so I’ll talk to you all then 🙂

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