Madeline Simon (MS) Week 11 – Lunch with Jamie and a makeover

20th June 2011

By mid-week I started to get a lot more energy and hit the boxes in my dressing room/spare room that were from the house I sold when my MS got so bad that I had to move in with my parents. I have done this before but need to be more ruthless this time, plus I’m giving the room a bit of a makeover. I have given myself until August as a deadline so as not to put any pressure on myself. I do get excited about it though and can’t wait ‘til it’s finished.

This weekend I had my annual long weekend away with one of my sisters. It was Cambridge this year which was lovely, plus we had a lunch at Jamie Oliver’s. I would fully recommend it, not only for the delicious food but it was very decently priced.

I took my POWERbreathe with me and in the morning we also did a Pilates session. We felt good for doing it.

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