Daily Mail Article – Is this the cure for asthma?

Lucy Elkins writes in The Daily Mail Online about how wheezing from asthma could be brought to an end, thanks to POWERbreathe IMT. IMT stands for Inspiratory Muscle Training. It is a way of training the breathing muscles to become stronger. It is also drug-free.

Daily Mail Article

The article explains how people with asthma experience wheezing and tightness in the chest. This results in a feeling of breathlessness. Lucy explains how researchers have found a device that exercises the muscles surrounding the lungs, helping to reduce the feeling of being short of breath. The device is POWERbreathe and it exercises the main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, as well as, the intercostal muscles.

Furthermore, the article explains how the team of researchers from Brunel University found that using POWERbreathe for 5-minutes per day for 3 weeks, asthma sufferers symptoms improved by up to 75%. Additionally, they also found it be beneficial for improving stamina in athletes, which saw an improvement of up to 30%.

Professor Alison McConnell, an exercise physiologist at Brunel University is quoted in the article, saying:

‘While general aerobic activity such as running and cycling improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) so that you’re able to use the oxygen available to you more efficiently, it doesn’t actually have much of an impact on the respiratory muscles themselves.’

‘The only other way to exercise those muscles would be to hold your breath with the lungs full to bursting for long periods of time, as is done in advanced yogic breathing exercises.’

POWERbreathe put to the test

Daily Mail journalist, Lucy Elkins, also speaks to 35-year-old David, who’s been suffering from asthma since he was three-years-old. David is a long distance runner but is finding his condition worsening in recent years. In fact, it’s making him feel as though he’s fighting for his breath. This is a concern, as David is wanting to participate in one of the most challenging long-distance races in the world; Extreme Africa.

During training for this extreme challenge, David began to pant so hard that it hurt. As a result, he began to use POWERbreathe. He explains how he could feel it working; training his breathing muscles. The best news though is that David began to feel breathing in and out much easier within a couple of weeks, saying:

‘Not only was I not getting breathless on my runs, even everyday tasks like walking and going up stairs became easier. I went from needing to use my inhaler once or more a day to practically not using it at all.’

David went on to run in the Extreme Africa race and was the only entrant our of 26 to have asthma. Only 12 were able to complete the course. David was one of them. In fact, David came in in fifth place and continues to use his POWERbreathe regularly.


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