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Two NHS Ambulances

Is POWERbreathe Any Good? A Review By Paramedic, Gary Thornton

“Is POWERbreathe any good?” you may ask. With the response we receive from users who write to us or share with us their stories via our Facebook and Instagram pages, the answer is a resounding yes. This is because decades of research, meta-analysis and scientific trials have proven its efficacy in health, medical, fitness and

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Woman using the POWERbreathe device as a part of her COVID-19 recovery.

Can Inspiratory Muscle Training Help You Recover From COVID-19?

Symptoms of the coronavirus and long COVID symptoms are responsible for the rise in interest in respiratory rehabilitation. This is because this new coronavirus is causing lung complications that can cause long-term lung damage. However, just as regular cardio exercise improves heart health, so breathing exercises improve lung health. Breathing exercises make the lungs function

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