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Proper breathing is key for gymnasts

The Hybrid Perspective, Linking Gymnastics and Movement Science, recently began a series of articles about the importance of proper breathing in gymnastics. In Part 1, 5 Reasons Why Training Proper Breathing Is Key Dr. Dave Tilley emphasises what a big deal breathing really is and how it will be a huge talking point at his

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Breathing Exercises For Swimmers

The sport of swimming involves your head being below the water most of the time, so it is important to achieve a good swimming balance. The majority of swimmers put a lot of concentration, practice, focus and effort into improving their swimming style. However, if basic breathing techniques are not followed, all this effort will

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Breathing Exercises For Runners

Running is a form of aerobic exercise. Quite literally, ‘aerobic’ means ‘with oxygen’. You need to breathe to get oxygen into your lungs.  Although this sounds obvious, some runners have a shallow or laboured breathing style.  In fact, there are some cases where this style of breathing results in severe muscle cramps, side stitches, poor

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Ian Locke – week 2 of my POWERbreathe K5 training

Ian Locke, founder of Thrive Personal Training in Swindon, provides personal training in a private gym as well as nutritional analysis to help clients reach their health and fitness goals. Here he tells us how he’s been getting on with his second week of POWERbreathe K5 training… So the second week of my POWERbreathe training

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Inspiratory Muscle Training

Inspiratory muscle strength training

Our bodies respond to exercise in a variety of ways to increase efficiency. One key factor that contributes to you exercising less is the efficiency of your respiratory system. Regular exercise can improve your fitness by strengthening your respiratory muscles, as these are the muscles that aid you in breathing. Not only will regular exercise

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