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Respiron is a flow-based lung trainer that has been designed to help restore normal breathing patterns, improve breathing generally and to help maintain lung function. It is fully adjustable allowing the level of difficulty to be increased or decreased, depending on your breathing strength.


Respiron strengthens and exercises the lung muscles by encouraging controlled, long, slow, deep and focused breathing which:

  • Helps to maintain lung capacity and function after periods of inactivity
  • Encourages deep breathing, which can aid in relieving excess mucus
  • Help prevent bronchial and pulmonary diseases and infections
  • Exercises and strengthens your breathing muscles
  • Increases transpulmonary pressure and inspiratory volumes
  • Helps post surgical patients restore lung function after heart or lung surgery
  • Can be used as part of a Bronchial Hygiene Routine. (Clearance of excess mucus from the lungs)
  • Excellent for lowering stress levels

Simply breathe in through the mouthpiece (do not blow) to raise the three balls of the device in sequence, keeping each of them elevated for several seconds.

Please Note: breathing in must be vigorous and deep, but not quick. The balls should rise in a mild and uniform movement, rather than suddenly. If all 3 balls are too dificult, set the adjustability lever to 0 (easy) and start by raising the first ball, and work up to all 3.

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Easy to use for improvement in breathing
Review by Margaret
Posted 24 February 2014
I found this appliance very helpful as I have COAD (Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease) disease and this enabled easier expectoration and even over a short time of using my lung capacity improved.