Respiratory Mask - Small


For those people who find the POWERbreathe mouthpiece difficult to use and for those patients who're on oxygen, these soft, adapter respiratory masks with a standard 22mm connection make using POWERbreathe more comfortable.

Suitable for use with:

  • POWERbreathe Classic Series: Level 1 (LR), Level 2 (MR), Level 3 (HR)
  • POWERbreathe K-Series - additional items required see below

REF: 1514000

Suitable for use with the POWERbreathe Classic Series and POWERbreathe K-Series. When using the mask with the K-Series, a POWERbreathe Spacer is required and, if you are on oxygen, an Oxygen Mask Adapter will be required too.  

Simply attach your POWERbreathe to the respiratory therapy mask's standard 22mm connection and then pop the mask over your face. You can then use POWERbreathe as recommended or prescribed.

If you find the POWERbreathe mouthpiece uncomfortable to use, then these respiratory masks are ideal and all you need to enable you to use POWERbreathe comfortably.

If you find the POWERbreathe mouthpiece uncomfortable or/and are on oxygen, then you'll also need the POWERbreathe Oxygen Mask Adapter.

These Respiratory Masks are available in the following sizes:

  • Adult - small
  • Adult - Medium
  • Adult - Large

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