POWERbreathe K-Series Mouthpiece


Replacement mouthpiece for:

  • POWERbreathe K1
  • POWERbreathe K2
  • POWERbreathe K3
  • POWERbreathe K4
  • POWERbreathe K5
  • POWERbreathe KH1
  • POWERbreathe KH2

POWERbreathe is for single person use only and an additional mouthpiece should not be used for multi-use but as a replacement only.


POWERbreathe is robust and durable and should last many years. However the mouthpiece can become misplaced or loose after a period of time and therefore a replacement will be required.

  • Mouthpiece Material: PVC (Not made with natural rubber latex or and phthalates)

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