POWERbreathe Interval Training

Periods of hard physical exercise followed by periods of rest that are repeated several times in one training session, is known as Interval Training, and has become a major part of structured training for enhancing athletic performance.  

Both the aerobic and anaerobic system is worked during interval training, and a by-product of the high intensity exercise phase is lactic acid, which leads to discomfort and muscle fatigue.  

Following the high intensity phase is the recovery phase, in which the heart and lungs work together to break down lactic acid and repay the body with oxygen. It is in this recovery phase that POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training pays dividends, speeding lactate clearance more effectively than traditional active recovery strategies. Go to POWERbreathe IMT Recovery & Cool-Down.   

Integrating POWERbreathe into your interval training will improve your respiratory endurance and hasten recovery. POWERbreathe interval training can be tailored to meet the demands of your sports discipline.