PBAES Pro Mask Based System


With this individual mask based system you can now bring the mountain to you! The POWERbreathe Altitude Training Systems (PBAES) Mask Based System offers the latest in simulated altitude training, allowing you to train at altitude in the comfort of your own home or place of training. You could use the PBAES mask on its own or you could pair it up with one of the PBAS inflatable modules.

Train at up to 3500m Altitude with the NEW POWERbreathe Altitude Systems Pro Mask Based Hypoxic Generator.

Includes the mask and tubing that you will require to use it with a mask. It can also be used to power some of our smaller inflatables.


The PBAES Mask Based unit is a step forward in affordable, mask based altitude training.

Developed by POWERbreathe Altitude Systems, the PBAES Pro Mask Based System is designed to meet the requirements of Amateur and Elite Athletes alike.
The PBAES Pro is the entry level option that is easy to use and can simulate the hypoxic air levels found at a maximum Altitude of 3500m without the expense of international travel and time away from home.
The generated hypoxic air is safe, reliable, and fully adjustable. Duration of use varies depending on the method used (mask or Inflatable) and ranges from 5-minutes (intermittent hypoxic training [IHT]) to 8-hours (sleeping). The key component parts of the hypoxic air generator have an anti-tiring and anti-ageing design

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