POWERbreathe Plus

Breathing Training Device


POWERbreathe Plus uses a variable load calibrated spring, calibrated to your chosen Resistance. It can be adjusted from the lowest load setting (17cmH2O) when you begin training and increased as your breathing muscles adapt and become stronger (maximum load setting 274cmH2O).

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POWERbreathe is a scientifically proven Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) device - sometimes referred to as a breathing training device - developed by leading scientists for improving the strength and endurance of the muscles used to breathe in, primarily the diaphragm and intercostals / rib cage muscles.

As with any other muscle, respiratory muscles can be trained so that they are more resistant to fatigue. This resistance to fatigue results in reduced breathlessness and enhanced exericse tolerance. 

POWERbreathe Plus uses scientifically proven Pressure Threshold Training. This provides a specific and consistent pressure to train against. When breathing in through POWERbreathe the load calibrated spring provides the resistance.  

  • Second generation POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) device
  • 65% improvement in airflow dynamics than the Classic
  • Mechanical, adjustable with load setting indicator
  • Drug-free - no side effects or drug interactions
  • Washable

Resistance Loads

Level 0 17cmH2O 23cmH2O 29cmH2O
Level 1 25cmH2O 39cmH2O 53cmH2O
Level 2 33cmH2O 55cmH2O 78cmH2O
Level 3 41cmH2O 72cmH2O 102cmH2O
Level 4 49cmH2O 88cmH2O 127cmH2O
Level 5 58cmH2O 104cmH2O 151cmH2O
Level 6 66cmH2O 121cmH2O 176cmH2O
Level 7 74cmH2O 137cmH2O 200cmH2O
Level 8 82cmH2O 153cmH2O 225cmH2O
Level 9 90cmH2O 170cmH2O 249cmH2O
Level 10 98cmH2O 186cmH2O 274cmH2O


Please note: Heavy resistance is only for those who have reached maximum loading on a medium resistance model. If you start with a heavy resistance model, you will not experience the benefits of POWERbreathe Plus training and may struggle to acheive higher levels due to the faster progression between loads.


Precise load settings may vary due to: (1) the analogue nature of the calibrated spring tensioner and the precision with which the load is selected; (2) a small effect of inspiratory flow rate upon spring compression such that high inspiratory flow rates lead to greater spring compression, and a small increase in load.

This effect is common to all spring loaded devices, and its size is magnified by increasing spring range (it is larger in a spring with a maximum range of 90cmH2O compared with one with half this range), it is also greater at lower absolute load settings.

Choose Light Resistance:

  • If you exercise / are physically active for less than 2.5 hours per week and have no breathing problems
  • If you exercise / are physically active for less than 2.5 hours per week and have breathing problems - minor/moderate
  • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have severe breathing problems

Choose Medium Resistance:

  • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have no breathing problems
  • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have some breathing problems that are not severe

Choose Heavy Resistance:

  • Only if you have reached the highest load setting on a POWERbreathe Medium Resistance model first.

Keeping a record of the training level reached and the number of breaths successfully completed per session will help you analyse your progress.

Download your Training Diary >

How to use:

  1. Put the nose-clip on so that it pushes your nostrils together (this is optional but prevents you from breathing in through your nose).
  2. Breathe in quickly and forcefully through your POWERbreathe for 30 breaths twice a day (preferably morning and night so you allow your inspiratory muscles time to recover in between sessions). This is the scientifially proven training regimen.
  3. As your inspiratory muscle strength and stamina improve, adjust and increase the resistance.
  4. Within a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger; within 3-weeks you’ll feel less breathless; and within 4 weeks activities will feel easier.
  5. Full instructions are provided in the accompanying user manual.


  1. Your POWERbreathe will be exposed to saliva during use. We recommend that a few times a week your POWERbreathe should be soaked in warm water for about 10 minutes (see your POWERbreathe Manual for full details).
  2. Once a week your POWERbreathe should be soaked in a mild cleansing solution instead of water, using the POWERbreathe Cleansing Tablets - only 1 tablet is required each time. 

POWERbreathe is drug free, suitable for almost anyone and should cause no harmful side effects when used properly. Please read the following precautions and contraindications to ensure that you use your POWERbreathe safely and appropriately.

If you have any doubts about POWERbreathe’s suitability, or you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.


  • Do not make changes to any prescribed medication or prescribed treatment programme without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not use POWERbreathe if you are suffering from a ruptured eardrum.
  • To prevent the potential transmission of infections, we recommend that you do not share your POWERbreathe with other users, including family members.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • POWERbreathe is designed for exercising your inspiratory muscles only. No other use is intended or implied.
  • Anyone who is under the age of 16 should only use POWERbreathe with supervision from an adult. POWERbreathe contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 7 years.
  • Whilst training with POWERbreathe you should feel resistance when inhaling but it should not be painful. If you should feel pain whilst using POWERbreathe, stop immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Some users may experience slight ear discomfort when training with Medic Plus, especially if they are recovering from a cold. This is caused by inadequate equalisation of pressure between the mouth and ears. If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.
  • If you are suffering from a cold, sinusitis or respiratory tract infection, we advise that you do not use POWERbreathe until symptoms have disappeared. If in doubt, consult your doctor.
  • Refer to your Healthcare Professional before using POWERbreathe if you have any of the following conditions:
  1. A history of spontaneous pneumothorax (a collapsed lung that was not due to traumatic injury e.g. broken rib), as it may lead to a recurrence of the condition.
  2. Pulmonary hypertension o Large bullae on chest x-ray
  3. Marked osteoporosis with history of rib fractures
  4. Desaturation during or following IMT (<94%)


Inspiratory muscle training, such as training with POWERbreathe, is not recommended for patients with certain conditions, including the following:

  • Asthma patients who have low symptom perception and suffer from frequent, severe exacerbations or with an abnormally low perception of dyspnoea
  • If you are suffering from a ruptured eardrum or any other condition of the ear
  • Patients with marked elevated left ventricular end-diastolic volume and pressure
  • Patients with worsening heart failure signs and symptoms after RMT / IMT
  • If in doubt, consult your Healthcare Professional.
  • POWERbreathe IMT device
  • Mouthpiece (PVC - not made with natural rubber latex or and phthalates)
  • Nose clip
  • Storage pouch
  • 4 cleansing tablets
  • User manual

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I have been able to regain the power in the muscles around my voice cords
Review by P Meulendijk
Posted 8 August 2017
I have been using the Shaker-deluxe from Powerbreathe for almost two years now and it has significantly improved my breathing and helped me to train my voice cords as one of them got paralysed during some head-surgery I had two years ago.

With the unique air pressure that is created when using the shaker-deluxe ( and the ability to manage that air pressure by changing the inclination of the shaker), I have been able to exercise on a daily basis and regain the power in the muscles around my voicecords. And the people at Powerbreathe have been extremely helpful lately when I needed a spare part for the shaker after I dropped it.

It’s been a real pleasure seeing that kind of great service as it adds to the overall positive experiences I’ve had so far with this product.
I wanted to drop you a mail to say how awesome the Shaker deluxe is.
Review by Trevor
Posted 17 January 2017
I have Ulcerative Colitis and am suffering a flare up for which I was placed in hospital I also however suffer with bronchiectasis and when one condition plays up the other tends to join in because I need to keep exercising to keep the lungs controlled after a few weeks of stopping then the lungs get into issues.

Previously I've been using the Flutter ball but the vibrations are just not strong enough and I often find the ball just floats instead of vibrating. Using your device however and after 15 mins the mucus started moving and I could feel the weight shifting and being able to breathe again.

I'm looking forward over the coming weeks going back to exercising this breaking the cycle. I'm going to be using my Powerbreathe medic again to get my lungs back in shape.

Love your products and I'm hoping by using less medications now in my life will put me in good stead for later in life (I'm 37 and a Gig boat rower from Cornwall).

Thanks again and I will be sure to keep an eye on your products.
An update on my progress
Review by Vinny
Posted 6 January 2016
I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with the Powerbreathe. After using it since early August 2 times a day for 30 breaths (up until recently I was only able to do 30 breaths once a day), I now can run over 3 miles in 30 minutes even though I have asthma. I do not use my inhaler and I know using the Powerbreathe is one of the major reasons that it is much easier to run without my inhaler.
The best value product for our clients
Review by Senior Physiotherapist
Posted 9 December 2015
The Shaker Classic is still the best value product for our clients and we will continue to purchase them and advise our clients regarding them.
Sterke vooruitgang longcapaciteit
Review by Lou
Posted 17 November 2015
Ik ben zelf een erg zware rokeer en copd patiënt. Ik ben begonnen met de Level 1 breathe plus op niveau 0 en zit nu, 1 jaar later op level 9. Zelf merk ik goed het verschil ook tijdens het sporten. Zelf de longverpleegkundige constateert een merkbaar verschil. Geweldig en eenvoudig ding. Is het geld waard en geeft mij een betere leefkwaliteit ondanks mijn slechte gewoonte. Ik gebruik hem alleen 's ochtend, dus 1 maal per dag een paar minuutjes maar. Moppie.

Response from POWERbreathe:
Thank you so much to Lou for submitting this review which we've roughly translated as follows using Google Translate:

Strong progress in my lung capacity
I am a very heavy smoker and COPD patient. I started training on the POWERbreathe Plus LR on level 0 but now, one year later, I’ve reached level 9. I’ve noticed the difference during exercise. Even the pulmonary nurse finds a noticeable difference. It’s an amazing and simple thing. It’s worth the money and gives me a better quality of life despite my bad habit. I use it only in the morning, so once a day for a few minutes only.

Product use: Workplace, Endurance training
This POWERbreathe was perfect for Mt Elbrus
Review by Turner Twins - Ross Turner
Posted 9 September 2015
The POWERbreathe allowed us to train in a way that was in-expensive, appropriate and the best in the market for mountaineering adventure (without actually training at altitude). It was easy enough to take travelling and use every day while allowing any level of cardiac fitness you wanted. This POWERbreathe was perfect for Mt Elbrus as the mountain had glacial rubble and ice - two very different terrains that affected the cardiac system in different ways. With more adventures coming that are not at altitude, we will carry on using the POWERbreathe as it is a great way to train the body in a very advantageous way so you can perform comfortably while working hard on expeditions.
I feel that my lung capacity has greatly improved.
Review by Vinny
Posted 19 August 2015
It has been about a month of using the PowerBreathe 30 breaths 2X daily. I feel that my lung capacity has greatly improved.
I could tell after my first use that it is unlike any other lung exerciser
Review by Vinny
Posted 16 July 2015
I just purchased your POWERbreathe Plus 2 medium resistance lung exerciser and I could tell after my first use that it is unlike any other lung exerciser I tried in the past (and I've tired 4 of them). It seems like it is built to last and is very accurate in its measurements. I can't wait to see how it helps with my asthma and to see if it can help me pass the police physical fitness test in the future! Thank you.
Thank you
Review by Mark Richardson
Posted 4 December 2014
Thank you for the brilliant advice over which product I needed. I took your advice and bought the medium resistance one in black. If I had bought the high resistance one I would have been struggling to start. There is a great deal of space for improvement and doubt if I will ever need the high resistance one! Thanks. Have just started using it and even at a low setting it is quite a challenge.
My lungs are getting stronger
Review by Danny
Posted 2 December 2014
hi i started using breatheasy level one on 0 after 2 weeks im on number 2 are my lungs getting stronger thanks danny my son bought it as i have copd