Mountaineering: Training and Preparation

Mountaineering: Training and Preparation covers planning, coordination, and conditioning for mountaineering. It is based on the experiences of the editors Carlton Cooke, Dave Bunting, and John O'Hara and the 2006 British Army West Ridge Expedition, which has been chronicled on TV in Britain. Sport and exercise scientists at Leeds Metropolitan University contribute to the text.

REF: PB905

About the Book:

Whether you're an experienced mountaineer, a hardened climber, or about to embark on your first expedition, nothing is more critical than anticipating, understanding, and preparing for the adversities and accomplishments that await you and your team.

In Mountaineering: Training and Preparation, Carlton Cooke, Dave Bunting, and John O'Hara, along with the members of the British Army Everest West Ridge Expedition team and sport and exercise scientists from Leeds Metropolitan University, share their insights, experiences, and expertise on these aspects of mountaineering: 

  • Selecting the right team for each expedition
  • Physical conditioning and training programs to ensure success
  • Nutritional strategies for your training and expeditions
  • Team safety, climbing precautions, and first aid
  • Preparing for and surviving in extreme conditions

From the technical aspects of a climb to the leadership and teamwork skills so essential to success, this comprehensive guide covers all of the essentials for a safe and successful expedition.


Part I Planning and Team Selection

  • Chapter 1 Logistics and Planning
  • Chapter 2 Team Selection
  • Chapter 3 Preparation
  • Chapter 4 Equipment
  • Chapter 5 First Aid, Travel, and Acclimatisation

Part II Conditioning and Nutrition for Expeditions

  • Chapter 6 Fitness and Training
  • Chapter 7 Endurance Training
  • Chapter 8 Strength and Power Training
  • Chapter 9 Nutrition for Training
  • Chapter 10 Nutrition for Expeditions

Part III Expedition Leadership and Psychology

  • Chapter 11 Psychological Skills in the Outdoors
  • Chapter 12 Resilience
  • Chapter 13 Leadership

About the Authors:

Carlton Cooke is the director of university research, Carnegie professor of sport and exercise science, and head of the Carnegie Research Centre for Performance Sport at LeedsMetropolitanUniversity.

Dave Bunting is director of training and cofounder of My Peak Potential, an experiential learning and development centre in the Bavarian Alps of Southern Germany.

Dr. John O'Hara is a senior lecturer in sport performance physiology within the Carnegie faculty of sport and education at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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Altitude Training
Review by roy_partington
Posted 13 August 2013
Bought this book after constantly getting frustrated at the amount of videos and blogs about climbing high but no indepth top quality training material on the subject.
Well let me tell you this book goes into that subject and it goes indeep into the subject both on the physical side and psychological side.
This book will most definately show you how to train correctly, you will still probably require a PTI to help you however with this book you will know whether you are training correctly and training enough.

This book should be the first thing you reach for when planning your high altitude climb. The fitness/endurance section was written by Chips Rafferty who has been described as the fittest man in the British army and also helped train the sas. I think that alone says it all.
Product use: Workplace, Endurance training