Authors: Louise A. Turner, Sandra L. Tecklenburg-Lund, Robert F. Chapman, Joel M. Stager, Daniel P. Wilhite, Timothy D. Mickleborough. 2012

“The purpose of this study was to determine if inspiratory muscle training (IMT) alters the oxygen cost of breathing (Vo(2RM)) during voluntary hyperpnea.”


“The present study provides novel evidence that IMT reduces the O2 cost of voluntary hyperpnea in highly trained cyclists. This IMT-mediated reduction in the O2 cost of voluntary hyperpnea suggests that reducing the O2 requirements of the respiratory muscles may facilitate an increase in O2 availability to the active muscles during exercise. Thus these data may provide an insight into the possible mechanisms underpinning the previously reported improvements in whole body endurance performance following IMT.”

Inspiratory muscle training lowers the oxygen cost of voluntary hyperpnea >