Authors: Brown PI, Sharpe GR, Johnson MA. 2012

“The effects were examined of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) upon volitional hyperpnoea-mediated increases in blood lactate during cycling at maximal lactate steady state power, and blood lactate and oxygen uptake kinetics at the onset of exercise.”


“Following the intervention, maximal inspiratory mouth pressure increased 19% in the IMT group only. Following IMT only, the increase in blood lactate during volitional hyperpnoea was abolished. In addition, the blood lactate and phase II oxygen uptake kinetics time constants at the onset of exercise and the maximal lactate steady state blood lactate were reduced. We attribute these changes to an IMT-mediated increase in the oxidative and/or lactate transport capacity of the inspiratory muscles.”

Read Inspiratory muscle training abolishes the blood lactate increase associated with volitional hyperpnoea superimposed on exercise and accelerates lactate and oxygen uptake kinetics at the onset of exercise >