ECSS 2019

All Events From : Jul 3rd, 2019 | 09:00 am
To : Jul 6th, 2019 - 05:00 pm
Venue : Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

The European College of Sports Science (ECSS) congress is an annual event. This year, ECSS 2019 will be taking place in Prague, 3 - 6 July and is their 24th annual congress. Here, leading international experts will be showcasing the latest research and developments in the Sport Sciences.

About ECSS 2019

Experts from around the world will be providing research specifically in the field of sport sciences. Topics will include the ability of physical activity to alleviate chronic diseases and improve quality of life.

Where to find us at ECSS

POWERbreathe will be exhibiting at ECSS, the theme for which is of ‘Uniting the World through Sport Science’. Helping to accomplish this will be an examination of physical activity, exercise and sports from an applied viewpoint. This is the area in which POWERbreathe will be supportive. We, along with POWERbreathe CZ&SK, will be showcasing the application of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) in the official exhibition of the ECSS; Sportex. You will be able to find us on STANDS 19 & 20 on Wednesday (3rd), Thursday (4th) and Friday (5th). Please pop along and come and have a chat. We will be there from 09:00 - 17:00. You will also be able to try out POWERbreathe IMT for yourself and see how you fare against others.

In fact, elite rowing coach Eddie Fletcher says of POWERbreathe:

POWERbreathe is the easiest gain you will ever make.

In addition, we will be joined by our UK distributor, HaB Direct who will be on hand to discuss their ‘products that perform’. These will be systems and solutions that help athletes to improve their performance. Furthermore, these products are from leading brands that have been tried and tested across the world. Finally, please come and find out more about POWERbreathe Altitude & Environmental Systems (PBAES). These simulated altitude systems enable athletes to access this type of training without having to travel great distances. Simply put, PBAES helps you to TRAIN > ADAPT > COMPETE > ACHIEVE.

From mask-based and portable inflatable systems to permanent rooms, there is a PBAES simulated altitude system for:

  • Individual amateur athletes, elite athletes and sports teams
  • Individuals and groups preparing for extreme adventures (pre-acclimatisation)
  • Sport, exercise and health researchers

So, while you’re attending ECSS 2019, please pop along to STANDS 19 & 20 where Jack, Jordan and our friends from POWERbreathe CZ&SK will be waiting to answer any questions you may have.

ECSS 2019

Event Contact & Location

Contact Person : Monika Stonyte
Phone : 01926 816110
Email :
Address : POWERbreathe International Ltd.
Northfields Road
CV47 0FG

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