Sauwaluk Dacha.

Congratulations to Sauwaluk Dacha on becoming ERS Abstract Winner 2021 for Best Abstract Grant in Physiotherapy 2021 (Sponsored by POWERbreathe).

About ERS

ERS, the European Respiratory Society, is the largest scientific and clinical organisation in respiratory medicine in Europe. Their members are scientists, clinicians, allied healthcare professionals and other experts from around the world.

The objective of ERS is to promote scientific research. It also provides access to high-quality educational resources. Furthermore, it plays a key role in raising awareness of lung disease to politicians. ERS works closely with the European Lung Foundation to extend that reach to the public and patients.

In fact, ERS is one of the leading medical organisations in the field of respiratory. It has a growing membership that now represents over 160 countries. It’s mission is to promote lung health; the aim of which is to help alleviate suffering from disease, while also driving standards for respiratory medicine globally.

ERS Annual Congress

Every year, ERS plan a congress. This is where respiratory experts from across the world meet. They come together to present and discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances across the entire field of respiratory medicine. It is now the largest meeting of respiratory minds in the world.

photo of POWERbreathe booth at ERS 2019
POWERbreathe at ERS in 2019 – pre-pandemic

In 2021, the ERS International Congress will be taking place on 5-8th September. This digital experience will be offering the latest in respiratory medicine and science.

ERS Abstract Winner 2021

Each year at the Congress, ERS presents a number of prestigious awards. These are in recognition of the achievements of a select group of leaders in the field of respiratory medicine. The society offers grants to recognise excellence in different areas of respiratory medicine based on abstract submissions.

And this year, we’re delighted to announce Sauwaluk Dacha is an ERS Abstract Winner 2021. Sauwaluk wins this for Best Abstract Grant in Physiotherapy 2021, sponsored by POWERbreathe.