The POWERbreathe K-Series device has a mechanism that ensures that only valid breaths are counted, if your volume is less then 0.5 litres then the device will not count this as a valid breath. This is to protect you and the device. 

Check that the resistance setting is not too difficult.

During the first 2 breaths of a session there is no resistance and the device is taking a measurement of your maximum inspiratory muscle strength. This is what is used to determine the resistance load for that training session.

Over the next few breaths the resistance is introduced so it becomes harder to breathe in through the device. If you have the device on a high setting, the resistance, when introduced at breath 28 onwards could be too difficult for you to overcome and it will feel like the valve is stuck.

Also, check that your level setting isn’t too high.

If you are using the device in “Auto” mode, check what level you have set the device to, for example, very light, light, moderate, hard or very hard. We would usually recommend that you start on ‘very light’, especially when first using the device because it enables you to develop a good diaphragmatic breathing technique.

Please check that the valve head is connected to the main body of the device correctly. If the valve head is not clicked in to place correctly this can result in the connection being lost and the device will not always register the breaths.

Please ensure that the valve is cleaned regularly to avoid any build-up of saliva that may cause the valve head to stick.