lady using POWERbreathe Medic breathing device

Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT), such as POWERbreathe IMT, improves inspiratory muscle strength, functional capacity, and pulmonary function in patients with COPD. In fact this review article in Respiratory Care also finds IMT to be effective in enhancing COPD treatment.

POWERbreathe IMT For COPD Treatment

The POWERbreathe IMT breathing device is the breathing trainer being used in studies into its effects in patients with COPD. The Effects of 1 Year of Specific Inspiratory Muscle Training in Patients With COPD uses POWERbreathe IMT. It shows an increase in exercise capacity, improvement in quality of life and decrease in dyspnea (shortness of breath) after IMT in patients with COPD.

“This study shows that in patients with significant COPD, long-term IMT results in an increase in the inspiratory muscle strength. This increase is associated with improved exercise performance, decrease in the sensation of dyspnea while breathing against resistance, improved quality of life, lower rate of primary care consultation, and fewer hospitalization days.”

Marinella Beckerman et al (2005)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the name for a group of lung conditions that cause difficulty breathing. Such conditions include emphysema, or shortness of breath, and chronic bronchitis. This pulmonary disease is obstructive due to the narrowing of the airways. As a result, breathing becomes difficult. However, COPD treatment can help to slow down progression of the disease and relieve COPD symptoms. Although, even with treatments, COPD exacerbations can still occur.

Most Common COPD Symptoms

  • An increase in breathlessness
  • More frequent chest infections
  • A persistent chesty cough
  • Constant wheezing

Although COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide, it is treatable. And treatment for symptoms of COPD will include pulmonary rehabilitation. The aim of this rehab is to improve how much ‘exercise’ or physical activity a patient is able to achieve before feeling out of breath. In patients with COPD, this is very helpful as breathlessness makes everything feel hard. With excessive breathlessness, a patient may start to do less and begin to feel that they are losing their independence and joy for life. Unfortunately, COPD symptoms can cause patients to lose their confidence. So it’s no surprise that pulmonary rehab includes breathing exercises to help improve physical activity and quality of life again. It does this by improving breathing muscle strength so that the patient breathes more efficiently and as a consequence, becomes less breathless and more active again.

POWERbreathe IMT In Pulmonary Rehab

For various reasons, some patients decline Pulmonary Rehab. This may be because they feel there is a stigma attached to having COPD. They may also perceive it to be time-consuming. But, there is a type of rehab that is easy to do at home and that isn’t time-consuming either. And that is breathing training using the scientifically proven, drug-free POWERbreathe IMT breathing device. In fact, scientific studies found that just 30 inspiratory breaths through the device, twice day, will improve inspiratory muscle strength in just 4 weeks. This study, using an electronic POWERbreathe K-Series breathing device, shows Inspiratory Muscle Training to be an acceptable treatment for people with COPD:

“Interviewees felt that they would have the time to do IMT… The environment of therapy appeared to have a high impact on acceptability of IMT. Interviewees liked the fact that they could do the treatment in their own home.”

(Cath O’Connor et al. BMJ Open. 2019; 9(8): e028507.)

If an electronic breathing trainer isn’t for you, then have a look at the manually adjustable, POWERbreathe Medic breathing trainer. It is easy to use, straight out of the box. Rigorous assessment by the NHS included checking it for clinical evidence and patient compliance. As a result, the POWERbreathe Medic is available for prescription in the UK by the NHS. All POWERbreathe breathing devices are drug-free, have no side effects or drug interactions and are clinically proven to alleviate breathlessness.

Getting Rid Of Phlegm In Throat And Lungs Naturally

More frequent chest infections is one of the most common symptoms of COPD. Some are mild but some may include coughing up secretions from your chest. Medicines, such as expectorants, are prescribed to help increase bronchial secretion. They help to make it easier to cough up secretions. But expectorants are medicines and may have contraindications with other COPD treatment. Shaker Deluxe by POWERbreathe however is an effective drug-free alternative. It helps to shake the secretions loose, making it easier to cough up. Coughing is actually your body’s natural way of clearing your lungs. Coughing up secretions helps the body get rid of infections, because secretions contain virus and dead bacteria. In people with COPD, this can help to minimise chest infections.

COPD Exacerbations

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will severely affect a patient’s quality of life. This is because it causes persistent breathing difficulties which will have an effect on everything they do.

An exacerbation, or flare-up, is when a COPD symptom suddenly becomes more severe. And, the longer a patient has COPD, the more their lung function declines and the longer a COPD exacerbation lasts.

World COPD Day

Because COPD is a common disease worldwide, there is a Global Initiative for raising awareness of how to reduce the burden of COPD. It is World COPD Day and is organised by GOLD. The British Lung Foundation also promotes this day by supporting people with this pulmonary disease to look after their lungs and live well. You will find a host of information about managing COPD on their website.