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Inspiratory Muscles Can Be Trained To Increase Strength Or Endurance

Authors: M.P. Caine; A.K. McConnell. 1998 “This study examined whether resistive loading can train the inspiratory muscles differentially.” Conclusion: “Results demonstrate that pressure threshold resistive inspiratory muscle training can be utilised to train specifically for improvements in strength or endurance and that the improvements are maintained well post-training.” Read Inspiratory Muscles Can Be Trained Differentially

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Acute Cardiorespiratory Responses To Inspiratory Pressure Threshold Loading

“The purpose of this study was to test the acute responses to differing pressure threshold inspiratory loading intensities in well-trained rowers.“ Conclusion: “Although all loads elicited a sustained increase in forced capacity, only the 60% load elicited a sustained rise in mean arterial blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and systolic blood pressure, providing evidence for

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Specificity And Reversibility Of Inspiratory Muscle Training

“The purpose of this study was to evaluate the pressure-flow specificity of adaptations to inspiratory muscle training (IMT), in addition to the temporal effects of detraining and reduced frequency of training upon these adaptations.” Conclusion: “Data supports the notion of pressure-flow specificity of inspiratory muscle training. Detraining resulted in small but significant reductions in inspiratory

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