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Respiratory muscle training improves swimming endurance at depth

“Respiratory muscle training has been shown to improve divers swimming endurance at 4 feet of depth; however, its effectiveness at greater depths, where gas density and the work of breathing are substantially elevated has not been studied. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of resistance respiratory muscle training on respiratory function

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Exercise-Induced Diaphragmatic Fatigue In Healthy Humans

Authors: BRUCE D.JOHNSON, MARK A.BABCOCK, OSCAR E.SUMAN AND JEROME A.DEMPSEY. “In part of this study, twelve healthy subjects (33 +/- 3 years) with a variety of fitness levels exercised at 95 and 85% VO2, max to exhaustion. Conclusion: “Significant diaphragmatic fatigue is caused by the ventilatory requirements imposed by heavy endurance exercise in healthy persons

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