Breathe Strong, Perform Better

Breathe Strong, Perform Better explains how anyone, from everyday exercisers to elite athletes, can use breathing training to increase power and comfort, improve performance, accelerate recovery, and reduce injury risk.

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About the Book:

Today’s top athletes, as well as their coaches and trainers, know the benefits that breathing muscle training provides. From performance to conditioning, the results are clear. Now with ‘Breathe Strong, Perform Better’, you will learn how to use breathing training to excel.     

In this comprehensive guide, the world’s leading authority on breathing muscle training, Alison McConnell, will show you how to apply the latest scientific research and case studies to maximize training, conditioning, and performance. With the detailed instruction, practical advice, and easy-to-use sample programs in ‘Breathe Strong, Perform Better’, you will be able to achieve these goals: Increase breathing strength, power, and endurance; Improve breathing comfort; Improve performance times; Accelerate training and performance recovery; Enhance breathing efficiency; Reduce whole body effort; Minimize the risk of injury.       

In addition, you’ll find more than 20 sample workouts for specific sports and fitness activities, such as basketball, cycling, football, running, soccer, swimming, and weight training.       

With professional insights, exercise tips, and advice for integrating breathing training into existing training programs, this guide has it all. If you are ready to improve fitness, increase performance, or simply maximize your enjoyment of exercise, ‘Breathe Strong, Perform Better’ is the guide you can’t be without.      

Foreword by Sir Matthew Pinsent.        


Part I - The Science of Breathing:

  • Chapter 1. Breathing During Exercise
  • Chapter 2. Performance Limitations of Breathing Muscles
  • Chapter 3. Training Response of Breathing Muscles
  • Chapter 4. Performance Benefits of Breathing Muscle Training

Part II - Breathing Muscle Training:

  • Chapter 5. Training the Breathing Muscles
  • Chapter 6. Building Your Foundation
  • Chapter 7. Training for Exercise and Fitness
  • Chapter 8. Training for Endurance Sports
  • Chapter 9. Training for Team Sports
  • Chapter 10. Training for Racket, Striking, and Throwing Sports
  • Chapter 11. Exercises for Breathing Muscle Training.        

About the Author:

Alison McConnell is a professor of applied physiology at Brunel University in London. She is a fellow of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and is a BASES-accredited physiologist. McConnell is acknowledged as a leading authority on breathing muscle training and is the author of numerous scientific articles and book chapters. She is a regular presenter at international scientific and medical conferences.

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This book is set to change how we view the role of breathing muscles in sport
Review by Nick Gillingham, MBE, Double Olympic Medalist and former World, European and Commonwealth Champion
Posted 23 May 2013
As a double Olympic medalist and former World, European and Commonwealth Champion, I am acutely aware of the demands of breathing, and perhaps even more so now that I try to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in competitive retirement. When I first read about inspiratory muscle training (IMT), I wanted to implement the methods immediately, and I find the POWERBreathe, invented by Professor Alison McConnell, is an excellent breathing training tool. I have also witnessed the benefits of breathing training that others have enjoyed in sport, as well as everyday life. Breathe Strong by Professor McConnell, whom I first met in 1992, is well written and easy to follow – it contains groundbreaking ideas, based on extensive research over many years. This book is set to change how we view the role of breathing muscles in sport - it's also interesting and useful, and the ideas can be applied in a way practical by anyone.
Product use: Workplace
I've used many of the concepts and exercises described within Breathe Strong in my own work with elite athletes
Review by John Dickinson, PhD, Former English Institute of Sport Physiologist and Consultant Physiologist to international athletes repres
Posted 23 May 2013
Efficient breathing is a fundamental requirement of almost every sport, but it's also one of the most over looked issues by coaches and support staff. I've used many of the concepts and exercises described within Breathe Strong in my own work with elite athletes. For some athletes, the techniques have been so effective that they have been transformed from struggling squad members into Olympic medal contenders.
Product use: Workplace
This book will serve as a guide to help any coach implement IMT
Review by Coach Dan Boothby, Director of Strength & Conditioning at Northeastern University, Boston
Posted 23 May 2013
This book will serve as a guide to help any coach implement IMT
Product use: Workplace