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  • How POWERbreathe Works

    POWERbreathe is an Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) device, exercising and strengthening the muscles we use to breathe. Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is scientifically proven to benefit patients with respiratory illness and healthy people, including athletes at all levels of competition, inc...

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  • POWERbreathe Sports Warm-up

    This POWERbreathe Instructional Video reveals how a traditional sports warm-up fails to warm-up the breathing muscles, which leads to excessive breathlessness at the start of exercise, and then goes on to demonstrate how this may be avoided if you use POWERbreathe as part of your warm-up routine....

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  • Cleaning

    This POWERbreathe Instructional Video will help you to keep your POWERbreathe mechanical model (Classic and Plus series) in tip-top condition.

    The principles are the same for the K-Series except you must NOT submerge the entire K-Series model into water, as it is an electronic device. Th...

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  • Getting Started

    This POWERbreathe Instructional Video will help you to get started on your breathing training of 30 breaths twice a day using your mechanical POWERbreathe model (Classic and Plus series).Jon Trevor, Health and Fitness Broadcaster and Celebrity Trainer, begins by helping you to practice a proper...

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