Oxygen Uptake Kinetics And Maximal Aerobic Power Are Unaffected By IMT In Healthy Subjects Where Time To Exhaustion Is Extended

“The aim of this study was to determine whether 4 weeks of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) would be accompanied by alteration in cardiopulmonary fitness as assessed through moderate intensity oxygen uptake (V_O2) kinetics and maximal aerobic power (V_ O2max).”


“The improvement of maximal static inspiratory mouth pressure (Pi,max) in training group shows that IMT training enhances inspiratory muscle strength; however, this is not supported by improvement in either VO2 kinetics or VO2max. It is therefore likely that IMT training alone is not of direct benefit to the cardiopulmonary fitness of healthy subjects. However, diaphragmatic fatigue may have a limiting role in maximal constant-load exercise and consequently, IMT might be a useful stratagem of extracting greater volumes of endurance work at high ventilatory loads, which in turn could improve cardio-pulmonary fitness.”

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