POWERbreathe Respiratory Training Programme in Brazil

Our friends in Brazil, Treinar, have now been running a successful POWERbreathe Respiratory Training Programme for some time, and we were delighted recently to see a post from them in which they shared photos and details of their programme.

The programme is proving to have a hugely beneficial formula, and definitely worth sharing, so here's a little bit more about it...

POWERbreathe Respiratory Training Programme by Treinar

Firstly clients (people with breathing difficulties and athletes alike) are offered a complete breathing evaluation using the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Software.

The results are then used to determine the most appropriate POWERbreathe model for the client.

Each client is then shown how to use their POWERbreathe, including the correct POWERbreathe breathing technique. Then it’s down to the client to stick to the scientifically proven training regimen (30 breaths twice a day) in the convenience of their own home, at the gym or at work - as Treinar says, it's "super practical and simple and you don't spend more than 5-10 minutes per workout."

Treinar offer advice and the opportunity for clients to come back and have their breathing evaluated again after the initial 4-weeks training, and monthly thereafter. This is to ensure correct breathing technique is maintained, and that progress is being made, including ensuring that the load on the client's POWERbreathe is increased accordingly.

With their RMT Programme in operation for some time now, Treinar have a wealth of data from their studies that show hypertrophy of the musculature of the diaphragm (muscular hypertrophy most commonly occurs as a result of physical exercise, such as weight lifting, and POWERbreathe has been termed "dumbbells for your diaphragm") after just 2 months of regular POWERbreathe training.

Where high performance athletes demand more intense training, Treinar offer a solution for this too, and that is by incorporating POWERbreathe into active workouts for the whole body - ActiBreathe!

They also tailor breathing workouts for those with respiratory conditions, using POWERbreathe for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

There are more photos of Treinar's RMT Programme on Instagram and Facebook, where you’ll also find some fantastic videos of POWERbreathe being used by athletes, including triathlete Bruno Albuquerque, to intensify their workouts.


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