Acute effects of inspiratory resistive loading on HR variability in elderly patients

This research conducted at the Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Laboratory of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Department in São CarlosSP, Brazil, used POWERbreathe for inspiratory resistive loading.


Acute effects of different inspiratory resistive loading on heart rate variability in healthy elderly patients
Archiza B, Simões RP, Mendes RG, Fregonezi GA, Catai AM, Borghi-Silva A.


“To investigate Heart Rate modulation at three different inspiratory resistive loading intensities in healthy elderly men.”


“The cardiovascular system is noticeably affected by respiration. However, whether different inspiratory resistive loading intensities can influence autonomic heart rate (HR) modulation remains unclear.”

Respiratory muscle strength and inspiratory resistive loading protocol:

“During the protocol, the volunteer sat in a chair, wore a nose clip and made inspiratory efforts using a previously adjusted inspiratory resistance device (POWERbreathe, Southam, UK).”


“Lower inspiratory resistive loading intensities promoted a marked and positive improvement of parasympathetic sinus node modulation.”

Read the Research here.

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