Review of POWERbreathe K5 by BBC Focus magazine, May 2013

BBC Focus is the BBC’s monthly science and technology magazine that contains reviews on the latest bestsellers, websites, games and cutting-edge gadgets, and in the May edition we found our very own POWERbreathe K5 had been reviewed!

The K5 was reviewed by James Witts for the Tech Hub feature that assessed the latest generation of ‘health monitors’. Here’s what they had to say about the K5:

“Unlike the other gadgets on test, the POWERbreathe K5 actively improves your health, not just measures it – which explains it price tag. It boosts fitness by focusing on the inspiratory system – or ‘dumbbells for the diaphragm’ as the marketing men tell us. Simply empty your lungs into its mouthpiece and then inhale sharply and for as long as you can. Do this 30 times twice a day for a month before going down to 30 times twice every other day.

The idea is that your diaphragm and ribcage muscles strengthen over time. Like a weights programme, you gradually increase the load to offer greater resistance; in this case, a valve with a variable aperture. The K5 measures a wealth of data including power per breath and peak respiratory flow. It’s technical stuff but after four weeks’ use my power output when cycling had increased.”

James Witts is the editor of 220 Triathlon magazine.

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