Why I came to use POWERbreathe, by Martin Helm, ‘man in the street’

"I am no Olympic athlete or even competitive sportsman – just a 64-year-old man who enjoys walking and a regular cycle ride but has worried for years about his shallow breathing.  I had simply assumed my lungs were clapped out when I struggled to swim the length of a small swimming pool without taking a breath.

The fact that I can now fill my lungs with good fresh air – freely, naturally and easily is entirely due to just one month of using my Powerbreathe plus. To me that is a greater achievement than any performance enhancement an Olympian could make.  You can almost feel that extra oxygen surging round your body.

My rejuvenation has come as a complete surprise to me. I had been searching for several years for a way to train and improve my breathing. I never imagined there was a machine that could train me to suck air deep into my lungs again – let alone that it should be so simple, quick, pain free and cheap.

A month after first starting my training, my wife is now totally bored with hearing my daily updates on the impact Powerbreathe plus has had on me.

I am just sorry that it took me so long to find this great product. I am sure there must be many thousands of men and women who could feel just as rejuvenated as me if they only knew where to look. It is a shame that it is mainly already fit sportsmen who are getting the most benefit and I hope that Powerbreathe can spread the word to GPs and journalists so that everyone has a chance to use it.

I bought the blue Powerbreathe Plus and for the first day or two struggled even with level zero. I have now worked my way up to level six. If my own deep breathing was not telling me how much more I am using my lungs now, clicking back to level zero and finding how easy it is can be is a good morale booster.

I first saw your machine online and then, almost immediately afterwards, for real in John Bell and Croydon, in London's Wigmore St. They had the complete range on display and
an assistant able to guide me. I bought it immediately and it is probably the best £50 I have ever spent.

I would unreservedly recommend this solution to anyone who feels short of breath or wants to give their breathing a boost.”

All the best

Thank you so much to Martin for getting in touch and sharing his experience. If you too are using a POWERbreathe to improve your quality of life, as opposed to using it for sports performance gains, then please leave a comment here on the POWERbreathe Forum as we’d love to hear from you.

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